Yaskawa Electric Motors, Inverters and Drives


Yaskawa Electric Corporation, a renowned global leader in motion control and robotics, these systems offer exceptional performance and flexibility to meet the diverse needs of modern manufacturing. Yaskawa Electric Corporation’s commitment to innovation and quality is evident in the design and performance of their CNC controller systems, making them a preferred choice for industries worldwide.

YASKAWA products
YASKAWA products

Songwei Industrial Control specialize in supplying a range of high-quality products under the YASKAWA brand. Our primary offerings include YASKAWA inverters, servo drives, and electric motors.

When it comes to YASKAWA products, we take pride in offering only brand new items that are in stock and readily available. Our extensive inventory ensures that our customers have access to the latest and most advanced technology in the market.

Yaskawa Electric Motors
Yaskawa Electric Motors

Why Yaskawa Inverter, Servo Drive, and Electric Motors have Strong Advantages in the Market?

Yaskawa Inverter boasts exceptional reliability and performance. With advanced control algorithms and robust construction, it ensures smooth and efficient operation of various motor-driven applications. The inverter’s precise speed and torque control capabilities make it an ideal choice for demanding industrial processes. Additionally, Yaskawa’s inverters are known for their energy-saving features, resulting in reduced power consumption and operational costs.

Yaskawa Servo Drive designed to meet the requirements of highly dynamic motion control applications, it delivers exceptional speed and position accuracy. The servo drive’s advanced feedback mechanisms and advanced tuning algorithms enable precise motion control, ensuring optimal performance in complex automation systems. Moreover, Yaskawa’s servo drives are renowned for their compact size and ease of integration, making them suitable for space-constrained installations.

Yaskawa Electric Motors exhibit superior quality and durability. Built with precision engineering and using high-grade materials, these motors provide reliable and efficient operation in various industrial settings. Yaskawa’s motors are designed to deliver high torque and power density while maintaining low vibration and noise levels. Furthermore, they are equipped with advanced thermal management systems, ensuring optimal performance even in demanding applications.

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