Siemens PLC, VFD, Servo etc, Q&A

Q1. What is the different between Siemens S7-200SMART PLC QB0 and QW0?

A1. QB0 and QW0 are different data types. QB0 is the output byte storage mode and QW0 is the word storage mode.

Q2. What’s the meaning of POU in Siemens S7-200MART PLC?

A2. POU means Program Organizational Unit, the program organization unit represents the main program, subroutine, and interrupt program, and can encrypt them.

Q3. Does Siemens S7-200SMART PLC control 3 axis stepper can call the motion control command simultaneously?

A3. The S7-200SMART PLC supports a maximum of three axes running at the same time, so these commands can be invoked in three axes at the same time. However, only one instruction can be called from a axis at most at all times.

Q4. Does Siemens S7-200SMART PLC can connect two Weinview touch screen with network port and serial port respectively?

A4. It does, the serial port and Ethernet both work independently of each other and do not affect each other.

Q5. How to solve the problem when Siemens S7-200SMART PLC is running, an error occurs when PLC receives data?

A5. That’s because the PLC is disconnected from the computer, just should reconnect it.

Q6. What is SB CM01 on Siemens S7-200smart PLC signal board?

A6. It is RS485 RS232 communication signal board module.

Q7. Can CP243-1 Ethernet communication module communicate with S7-200 smart PLC?

A7. Yes, Ethernet communication.

Q8. Why can’t WIN10 system install STEP7 MicroWin SP9 find PC/PPI cable.ppi.1 interface?

A8. Windows 10 does not support STEP 7 MicroWin SP9. You are advised to install it on a VM.

Q9. The through-line module is faulty IM153-1. Can I directly replace it with IM153-2?

A9. Yes, the IM153-1 is called standard and the IM153-2 is called high performance and can be replaced.

Q10. What is the Siemens S7-300PLC SR instruction?

A10. It is SR reset priority instruction.

Q11. What is the functon of IM153 module?

A11. IM153 is a remote interface module, based on DP bus or PROFINET, used to connect the CPU master and slave or remote IO station.

Q12. Does Siemens S7-300PLC and ET200 compatible communication?

A12. Can communicate, in the configuration hardware Settings can be.

Q13. How to reset Siemens S7-1200PLC?

A13. Use a new Siemens MMC memory card, which must be blank, insert the empty MMC card into 1200PLC, then restart the PLC, identify the inserted MMC memory card after restart, the device configuration of the internal loading storage area including IP address, user program and all mandatory values are copied to the memory card. The memory card now becomes a program card that includes data and IP addresses previously stored in the internal loading storage area. After replication, the 1200 PLC internal load storage area is emptied. The PLC enters the RUN or STOP mode. After the operation, the MAINTENANCE LED light of S7-1200 PLC flashes, indicating that the memory card can be removed. At this time, pull out the MMC card and power on the PLC again to reset.

Q14. Does Siemens V20 inverter 1.5KW inverter 6SL3210-5BE21-5UV0 should add add brake resistance need to configure the brake unit?

A14. 1.5KW is too small to add brake resistance unit.