We are not authorized distributor of any industrial control brand. As non-authorized dealer of the brand, we may offer the benefits to customers as below:

Wider product selection

As a non-authorized dealer of the brand, you can provide products from multiple brands, rather than being limited to a specific brand. This allows customers to choose the product that best fits their needs and budget.

More competitive pricing

Being a non-authorized dealer may allow you to offer more competitive pricing. This can provide customers with better purchasing options and help them acquire the desired products while controlling costs.

Customized solutions

As a non-authorized dealer, you may have greater flexibility in providing customized solutions. You can offer tailored products and services based on the specific requirements and application scenarios of customers, meeting their unique needs.

Technical support and services

Although you are not an authorized dealer of the brand, you may still provide professional technical support and after-sales services. You can assist customers with product installation, debugging, maintenance, and repairs, ensuring they can fully utilize the purchased products.

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