Schneider ATV610U55N4


Schneider Electric Altivar 610 Variable Speed Drive, ATV610U55N4, 5.5KW, 7.5HP, 380…460V VFD. Frequency Inverter.

Article No. : ATV610U55N4
Type : Altivar Variable Speed Drive
Shipping Weight : 5.6 KG
Unit Price: US$ 468.5

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More Details

ATV610U22N4 ATV610U22N4,Altivar 610 VFD, 2.2KW, 3HP, 380…460V

ATV610U30N4 ATV610U30N4,Altivar 610 VFD, 3KW, 3HP, 380…460V

ATV610U30N4 ATV610U40N4,Altivar 610 VFD, 4KW, 5HP, 380…460V

ATV610U30N4  ATV610U75N4,Altivar 610 VFD, 7.5KW, 10HP, 380…460V


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