Why Need Used Industrial Control Parts

When you decide purchasing industrial control spare parts, used parts can be a great alternative if you don’t have enough money to purchase new ones. Herewith with the reason why Songwei used parts so popularity recently?

  • Used parts mostly in stock and ready to go, coordinate your urgent needs.
  • Reduce your cost which helps keep the project under budget.
  • Discontinued equipment may hard to find new parts to match, require used parts to maintain the normal operation of the machine.
  • Used parts normally passed inspection before you buy.
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Songwei Industrial Control Used Parts

In order to save cost and respond to environmental friendly request, Songwei Industrial Control Ltd always prepared a large inventory of used component. The parts come from the disassembled parts of the recycling equipment. They have been carefully cleaned, tested and preserved by our technical support team. Tested again before delivery. Which help customers save costs and improve efficiency.

Used Parts In Good Condition for You to Choose


Fanuc Encoder A8600370T001


Fanuc Encoder A8600346T111


Fanuc Motor A06B0501B041


Fanuc Motor A06B0373B077


Fanuc PCB Board A16B22030630


Fanuc Drive A06B6088H230

Low Purchase Price

Compared with new parts, second-hand parts seems cost-effective. This is actually one of the reasons why engineers choose to buy used ones. However, the price may differ depend on the condition of the used parts. But basically, used industrial parts are much more affordable than the brand-new ones.

Servo Drive
PCB Board

Less Delays

Purchasing brand-new parts can sometimes cause delays. This is often caused by unavailability of the parts from the manufacture. However, this is not often happen when you buy used ones because they are readily available. So, you can expect the parts before the date you need it, thus keep your machine moving.


Although used parts are not as good as new, it doesn’t mean less efficient. As a matter of fact, most of the used industrial parts can work like brand-new ones. So, there will be no problems when it comes to achieving the productivity of your business.

fanuc repair

How to Ensure the Used Parts Most Suitable for You

fanuc controller
fanuc driver motor

Our sales consultant will help you confirm the model and price of the parts you need. Our technical team has prepared different test benchs to carefully test the parts you need, and provide test videos and pictures of products from all angles when you confirm the order. Help you get more benefits from our products.

Used Product Series Inventory Model List

How We Maintance Our Used Parts


Carefully Clean

Technical team carefully clean them to remove stains, disinfection and sterilization to ensure safety. The wear parts will be treated as much as possible and painted. Make used parts look clean and tidy.

Repair, Maintance and Test

Our professional maintenance team of more than 30 people repair and test these second-hand parts, and the products that pass the test will enter our inventory system. After being booked by the customer, the products to be shipped will undergo secondary testing, and the products can be shipped only when they meet our testing standards.


We usually use quality cartons or wooden boxes to pack products, and use foam protection products to avoid being crushed and deformed, so that the products can be delivered to customers in good condition.

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