Fanuc, Mitsubishi & Siemens CNC Spare Parts
Fanuc, Mitsubishi & Siemens CNC Spare Parts

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Founded in 2005, Songwei CNC Machinery(Shanghai) Co.,Ltd has now developed a 30 persons technical team specially support our customers. Moreover, Songwei CNC always keep a large inventory which helps accelerate products preparing process thus make sure the fast dispatch. We constantly optimize our services and maintain reasonable prices to help our customers improve efficiency and win more market share.

Fanuc Control A02B-0236-B532

Fanuc Control A02B-0236-B532

FANUC AC Spindle Amplifier Module

Fanuc AC Spindle Amplifier Module

Fanuc Memory PCB Board A16B-2203-0110

Fanuc Memory PCB Board

Mitsubishi Servo Drive Unit MDS-B-SVJ2-07

Mitsubishi Servo Drive Unit

Mitsubishi AC Servo Amplifier MDS-C1-V2-1010

Mitsubishi AC Servo Amplifier

Mitsubishi AC Servo Amplifier MDS-D-V2-2020

Mitsubishi Servo Drive Unit

Test Bench Design Service

6 Steps Quickly Design Your Test Bench


Step1 :

Tell us which model number you test or repair most.
(For example:  Design a Fanuc test bench, test Fanuc amplifier series 6079,6080,6089,6088,6102,6078,6087,6077)

Step2 :

Professional engineers will depend on the model number you listed to design a test bench for you.

Step3 :

Invoice quotation is provided from us.

Step4 :

Payment done, we will start to set up your test stands.

Step5 :

Before send out you will receive photos, operation instructions and testing videos.

Step6 :

Free CF card is provided for you, in case of the memory data lost, before we send out the test bench package.

Step7 :

You will continue to receive technical support from us. Ensure the normal operation of your test equipment.

FANUC CNC Test Bench
FANUC CNC Test Bench
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