Our Warehouse Daily Stock Update July, 06 2022

Industrial Automation

The following is a list of the models we arrived recently. Maybe it will be convenient for you to find the parts you need.



  1. AB PLC 1756-PA75 1756PA75
  2. AB PLC 1756-OF8 1756OF8
  3. AB PLC 1756-IF16 1756IF16
  4. AB PLC 1756-EN3TR 1756EN3TR
  5. AB PLC 1783-NATR 1783NATR
  6. AB PLC 1766-L32BWAA 1766L32BWAA
  7. AB PLC 2198-P070 2198P070
  8. AB AC Drive 22A-A4P5N104 22AA4P5N104
  9. AB AC Drive 20AD027A0AYNANC0

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  1. PLC Module CJ1W-ID261 CJ1WID261
  2. PLC Module CJ1W-OD211 CJ1WOD211
  3. PLC Module CJ1W-PD025 CJ1WPD025
  4. PLC Module CJ1W-АD081-V1 CJ1WАD081V1
  5. PLC Module CJ1W-CLK23 CJ1WCLK23
  6. PLC Module CJ1W-DRM21 CJ1WDRM21
  7. HMI Touch Panel NS12-TS01-V2 NS12TS01V2
  8. PLC Module CJ1W-EIP21 CJ1WEIP21
  9. PLC Module CJ1W-SCU32 CJ1WSCU32
  10. PLC Module CJ2M-CPU13 CJ2MCPU13
  11. HMI Touch Panel NS10-TV01-V22 NS10TV01V22
  12. HMI Touch Panel NS5-TQ11B-V2 NS5TQ11BV2
  13. PLC Module CJ2M-CPU31 CJ2MCPU31
  14. PLC Module CJ1W-CT021 CJ1WCT021
  15. PLC Module CJ1W-OC201 CJ1WOC201
  16. PLC Module CJ1W-DA021 CJ1WDA021
  17. PLC Module NJ-PA3001 NJPA3001
  18. PLC Module NJ101-9000 NJ1019000
  19. PLC Module CJ1W-AD081-V1 CJ1WAD081V1
  20. PLC Module CJ1W-DA041 CJ1WDA041
  21. PLC Module XW2D-40G6 XW2D40G6
  22. PLC Module CP1E-N40DT-D CP1EN40DTD
  23. PLC Module CP1L-EM30DT-D CP1LEM30DTD
  24. PLC Module CP2E-N40DT-D CP2E-N40DT-D
  25. PLC Module CP1W-20EDT CP1W20EDT
  26. PLC Module CP1W-40EDT CP1W-40EDT
  27. HMI Touch Panel NB3Q-TW00B NB3QTW00B
  28. HMI Touch Panel NB5Q-TW00B NB5QTW00B
  29. HMI Touch Panel NB5Q-TW01B NB5QTW01B
  30. HMI Touch Panel NB10W-TW01B NB10WTW01B
  31. PLC Module NX1P2-1040DT NX1P21040DT
  32. PLC Module NX-PF0730 NXPF0730
  33. PLC Module NX-ID5243 NXID5243
  34. PLC Module NX-OD5121 NXOD5121
  35. PLC Module NX-TC3406 NXTC3406
  36. PLC Module NX-TS3101 NXTS3101
  37. PLC Module NX-AD2203 NXAD2203
  38. PLC Module CJ2M-CPU12 CJ2MCPU12
  39. PLC Module CJ1W-PA202 CJ1WPA202
  40. PLC Module CJ1W-TC001 CJ1WTC001
  41. PLC Module CJ1W-DA08C CJ1WDA08C
  42. PLC Module CJ1W-ID211 CJ1WID211
  43. PLC Module R88D-1SN08H-ECT R88D1SN08HECT
  44. PLC Module R88M-G75030H-S2 R88MG75030HS2
  45. PLC Module R88D-KT15F R88DKT15F

It seems that we have purchased a large amount of OMRON inventory. Come and see if there is anything you need. Contact us to place an order!



  1. Mitsubishi PLC FX5-C16EX/DS FX5C16EXDS
  2. Mitsubishi Inverter FR-D740-0.75K FRD7400.75K
  3. Mitsubishi Inverter FR-E740-7.5K FRE7407.5K
  4. Mitsubishi Inverter FR-D720-1.5K FRD7201.5K
  5. Mitsubishi HMI Touch Panel GT2712-STBD GT2712STBD
  6. Mitsubishi Servo Amplifier MR-J3-20B MRJ320B
  7. Mitsubishi Servo Amplifier MR-J3-40A MRJ340A
  8. Mitsubishi Servo Amplifier MR-J4-03A6-RJ MRJ403A6RJ
  9. Mitsubishi HC-MF73K-UE HCMF73KUE

Product models listed here are BRAND NEW items, with 1 year warranty. We have QC department to strictly check before delivery, and promise to only provide you with high-quality products and be responsible for after-sales problems.



  1. Yaskawa Servo Amplifier SGDH-08AE SGDH08AE
  2. Yaskawa Servo Amplifier SGD7S-200A00A002 SGD7S200A00A002
  3. Yaskawa Servo Motor SGMGV-06A3B31 SGMGV06A3B31
  4. Yaskawa AC Servo Drive SGDV-180A01A SGDV180A01A
  5. Yaskawa AC Servo Drive SGDV-7R6A11A SGDV7R6A11A

What is shown here is only the newly added inventory model of the day. The specific quotation and delivery time should be subject to the quotation we provide for you. Inventory and price will change with time and market changes, but we promise to provide you with the most reasonable price and reliable information to facilitate your decision-making.



  1. Schneider Drive ATV61HD15N4Z
  2. Schneider Drive ATV61HD15N4Z

I hope we have the opportunity to provide you with these products and services. I believe our cooperation will benefit you and help your career rise rapidly. Remember to contact info@industrycontroller.com

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