Fanuc CNC Spare Parts


Songwei Industrial Control offers a comprehensive range of Fanuc CNC spare parts, backed by a large stock to ensure fast and efficient delivery.

With 11 years of experience in repairs, our skilled technicians are well-equipped to handle any maintenance or troubleshooting needs. Supported by a team of over 50 professionals, Songwei have the manpower and expertise to deliver exceptional service. We are proud to have served over 100 satisfied customers with our state-of-the-art FANUC testing facilities.

At Songwei Industrial Control, we are always ready to provide you with dedicated service and support.

Fanuc Parts
Fanuc Parts


For entry-level machines and provides a cost-effective solution for basic machining operations. It offers reliable performance and user-friendly features, making it suitable for small to medium-sized businesses.

FANUC Series 30i/31i/32i-MODEL B

Known for its advanced capabilities and versatility. It provides high-speed and high-precision control for complex machining operations. With features like multi-axis control, advanced motion control, and intelligent tool management, it is ideal for industries requiring sophisticated machining processes.

FANUC Series 35i-MODEL B

For high-end applications that demand exceptional precision and performance. It offers advanced features such as nanometer-level control, ultra-fast processing speed, and real-time adaptive control. It is suitable for industries like aerospace, automotive, and medical, where precision and quality are critical.

FANUC Series 0i-D

For machines with multiple axes and complex operations. It provides flexible programming options and supports various programming languages. It also offers features like high-speed contouring control, advanced servo control, and enhanced connectivity options.

fanuc Servo Drive
Fanuc Servo Drive
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