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Allen-Bradley Circuit Breaker

The Allen-Bradley Circuit Breaker 140M series is designed to ensure the reliable and safe operation of your electrical equipment.

Enhanced Performance

The Allen-Bradley Circuit Breaker offers advanced thermal-magnetic protection, allowing for precise and efficient circuit interruption. With high interrupting capacity, these circuit breakers can withstand even the most demanding electrical loads.

Durability and Reliability

The circuit breakers are built to last, featuring rugged construction and high-quality materials. With robust design and stringent quality standards, the 140M series ensures long-term reliability in various environments and applications.


The Allen-Bradley Circuit Breaker offers a wide range of current ratings and trip characteristics, allowing you to select the right circuit breaker for your specific needs.

Easy Installation and Maintenance

With user-friendly features and clear labeling, you can install and configure these breakers quickly and efficiently. Additionally, the Allen-Bradley Circuit Breaker requires minimal maintenance, reducing downtime and saving you valuable time and resources.

Industry Compliance

Allen-Bradley Circuit Breaker meets various international standards and certifications, ensuring compliance with industry regulations.

Allen-Bradley Circuit Breaker
Allen-Bradley Circuit Breaker

When it comes to the Allen-Bradley Circuit Breaker, there is a range of different models and specifications to choose from. Here are some common examples:


Circuit Breaker with a rated current of 40 amps, suitable for medium load protection.


Circuit Breaker has a rated current of 10 to 16 amps and is designed to provide precise protection for electrical equipment.


Circuit Breaker with a rated current of 10 amps, suitable for protection of small loads.


Circuit Breaker with a wide range of rated currents, allowing for configuration and selection based on specific requirements.


Circuit Breaker with a rated current of 50 amps, suitable for medium load protection.


Circuit Breaker has a rated current of 10 to 16 amps and is designed to provide precise protection for electrical equipment.


Circuit Breaker with a wide range of rated currents that can be configured and selected according to specific requirements.


Circuit Breaker with thermal overload protection, suitable for high-power electrical equipment.

These are just some example models, and the actual product line may include more models and specifications. If you have specific requirements or want to explore more options, please contact our support team.

Allen-Bradley Contactor

Allen-Bradley Contactor is a reliable and efficient solution for power control applications, offering durability, flexibility, and superior performance. The Allen-Bradley contactors are available in various sizes and configurations, allowing for flexibility in installation and compatibility with different control systems. They are equipped with features such as auxiliary contacts, overload protection, and built-in surge suppression, ensuring enhanced safety and protection for both the equipment and the personnel.

These contactors are easy to install and maintain, with user-friendly designs and clear labeling for quick identification of terminals and connections. They are also designed for long-term reliability and can withstand harsh operating conditions, making them suitable for demanding industrial environments.

Allen-Bradley Contactor
Allen-Bradley Contactor

100-C: Series of compact contactors suitable for small applications, offering high performance and reliability.

100-D: Series of standard contactors suitable for a wide range of applications, with various configurations and functional options.

100-F: Series of high-performance contactors with additional electrical and mechanical lifespan, suitable for demanding applications.

100-K: Series of control contactors with multiple control options and functions, suitable for complex control systems.

100-M: Series of motor protection contactors with overload and short circuit protection functions, suitable for motor control and protection.

Allen-Bradley Contactor

Allen-Bradley Electronic Overload Relay

Key advantages of the Allen-Bradley Electronic Overload Relay is its flexibility and adaptability. It offers a wide range of current ratings and adjustable trip settings, allowing it to be used with various motor sizes and applications. The relay can be easily configured and adjusted to suit specific motor requirements.

Additionally, the Electronic Overload Relay provides advanced diagnostic capabilities. It can monitor and record motor operating parameters, such as current levels, voltage, and temperature. This data can be accessed and analyzed to identify potential issues or trends, enabling proactive maintenance and troubleshooting.

The Allen-Bradley Electronic Overload Relay is designed for easy integration with Allen-Bradley motor control systems. It can be seamlessly connected to Allen-Bradley programmable logic controllers (PLCs) and other control devices, allowing for seamless motor protection and control integration.

Allen-Bradley Electronic Overload Relay

Allen-Bradley 193-ED Series:E1 Electronic overload Protective relay
Allen-Bradley 193-EE Series:E1 Electronic overload Protective relay
Allen-Bradley 193-EF Series:Electronic motor Protective relay
Allen-Bradley 193-EC Series:Intelligent motor Protective relay
Allen-Bradley 825 Series:Modular motor protection system

Contact us today to discuss your specific requirements and let our dedicated team assist you in finding the perfect solution for your circuit protection needs.

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Rockwell Automation Allen-Bradley
Rockwell Automation Allen-Bradley

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