Allen Bradley PLCs and HMIs
Allen Bradley PLCs and HMIs

Allen Bradley PLC

Allen Bradley PLCs are trusted solutions for industrial automation, offering robustness, scalability, advanced communication capabilities, powerful processing, and user-friendly programming environments. With their exceptional features and comprehensive support, Allen Bradley PLCs empower businesses to achieve efficient and precise control, enhancing productivity and driving success in various industries.

ControlLogix Series
ControlLogix Series

CompactLogix Series

The CompactLogix series comprises compact and cost-effective PLCs that are ideal for small to medium-sized automation projects. These controllers offer a compact design, integrated I/O options, and support for various communication protocols.

ControlLogix Series

The ControlLogix series is a comprehensive lineup of PLCs designed for demanding applications that require high performance and advanced features. This series includes models such as the ControlLogix 5570, 5580, 5560, and 5550, offering fast processing speeds, extensive memory capacity, and advanced communication capabilities.

MicroLogix Series

The MicroLogix series features compact and affordable PLCs that are suitable for simple to moderate automation applications. These controllers offer a range of I/O options, integrated communication ports, and easy programming using the RSLogix Micro Starter Lite software.

PLC-5 Series

The PLC-5 series is a legacy PLC series that has been widely used in industrial automation for many years. While newer models have taken its place, the PLC-5 series still provides reliable control and is compatible with a wide range of I/O modules.

SLC 500 Series

The SLC 500 series is another legacy PLC series that offers reliable control for various applications. These controllers are known for their flexibility, ease of use, and compatibility with a wide range of I/O modules.

MicroLogix Series
MicroLogix Series

Allen Bradley HMI

Allen Bradley HMIs offer versatile display options, robustness, advanced connectivity, extensive data visualization, easy configuration and programming, remote access capabilities, and comprehensive support. With their exceptional features and user-friendly interfaces, Allen Bradley HMIs empower operators to monitor and control industrial processes effectively, enhancing productivity and ensuring efficient operations in various industries.

PanelView 5000 Series

The PanelView 5000 series offers a range of touchscreen HMIs with high-resolution displays. These HMIs provide advanced graphics capabilities, intuitive navigation, and support for various communication protocols. They are available in different sizes, including widescreen options, to suit different application requirements.

PanelView Plus 7 Performance Series

The PanelView Plus 7 Performance series consists of high-performance HMIs that combine visualization, control, and data logging capabilities. These HMIs feature widescreen displays, advanced graphics, and support for multiple communication protocols. They also offer enhanced security features and remote access capabilities.

PanelView Plus 7 Standard Series

The PanelView Plus 7 Standard series offers versatile HMIs with a range of display sizes. These HMIs provide advanced graphics, intuitive navigation, and support for multiple communication protocols. They are suitable for various applications and offer features such as data logging and recipe management.

PanelView 800 Series

The PanelView 800 series comprises compact HMIs with touchscreen displays. These HMIs offer cost-effective solutions for basic to moderate automation applications. They provide clear graphics, intuitive navigation, and support for multiple communication protocols.

PanelView Plus
PanelView Plus

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